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Internet Trolls

This was an assignment from Photoshop class. We had to make a movie poster based on a fictitious movie of our own creation.
Internet trolls are kind of scary, trolls is a kind of monster, I think found my idea!



A friend, a meme, and the internet.

Ever have that friend in the circle that is simply liked by all? A friend that’s so charismatic, charming, and friendly, that even if said friend rapes your pets, you would still call him one of your best. Our friend circle is lucky enough to be graced with a presence that is exactly that, personified in real life.

What can you do for said person to show the groups appreciation? Illustrate a hilarious image of him, then make it an internet meme sensation ofcourse!

The said person, let’s call him JH, was recently illustrated by my very talented friend Mike Hudson. It started out as a simple drawing which inspired a new breed of internet memes. Some one coined up the name “The second most interesting man in the world”. Though unofficial, seems suiting. I don’t know if this will actually become a new internet meme sensation, but it did bring a lot of laughs on our facebook feed for the day.

More memes and the original image after the break.