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A ton of video game inspired art in just one blog entry and also the longest title WordPress will allow and please don’t mind the run on sentence because I know you are probably out of breath by now but it seems like I can continue for some reason and I really don’t understand why don’t WordPress just cap the title limit to 20 or some thing after all how long does a title really need to be?

Your brain can only take so much of my grammar in a day. I’ll spear u da truble n jus gett 2 duh gewdz.

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To show that I’m not a complete thief here’s all the credits I could find on these amazing images:
The Old School Video Game Art ShowScad Atlanta IllustrationDavid KingabyMikaël AguirrePatrick BrownDouble LeafAledGavadeThemrock

Thumb nail gallery after the break.

Dead Fantasy

Dead Fantasy is an internet cult series produced and animated by Monty Oum, staring (mostly) Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive female characters. What do they do? they fight, then they fight some more. A simple premise, but one that makes it easy to understand why it became so popular on the internet. Some of you may have seen these videos before, but for those who hasn’t it’s all eye candy!

Dead Fantasy is far from a news flash. This series is on it’s forth year and already has five installments. Monty has already confirmed episodes VI, VII, and VIII, so we have even more to look forward to! But until they’re released, feel free to check out episode 2 – 5 after the break.