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A ghost in the Chell

With more and more projects piling on, it get’s harder to find time to sit down for a few hours and just draw. Of course this is really just an excuse, I’ve played my fair share of hours in Minecraft and Mass Effect 3’s multi-player to have four portfolios completed over the last few months. A friend wants me to do his story boards for his film, starting school again in August, and seeing friends of new and old surpass me in ability and passion was more than enough to motivate me to get back into it.



Oh my


Google Image’s best video game related art

Video games are great, art is great, and Google image search is great. What happens when you put them together? A lazy blog post with minimum effort! Here’s the best video game related art found on the first page of Google images when searched “video game art”.

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(Thumb nail view after the break)