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Just want to throw up some more stuff I did for school. BLEH!


The Osheaga poster was for Typography class. We had to design a wood-type (or wood-type-ish in my case) poster around an existing festival . One of the last things I did with my buds back home was go to Montreal and did the whole Osheaga 2012 thing. With out getting too much into it, let’s just say it was pretty f*%$ing awesome! If you’ve been to Osheaga 2012 let me know in the comments! I’d like to hear about your experience.

Just a sketch of a friend of mine. His facebook profile I thought had a lot of character


Typography’s second assignment. I made a few rough drafts of potential title headers. Just playing around with words and placement. Which one do you like? Got any suggestions?

smokesantaSanta. Smoking

Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na

A quick little diddy I drew for digital imaging class. The assignment was to draw any thing we’d like in grey scale using a tablet. I got swamped with a different assignemt that’s due very soon and had to do this very quickly before class. I decided drawing some thing from scratch in the time frame i had would take too long so I did what any good artist would, I stole. I didn’t actually steal this as all the line work, design, and shading was still done by myself, but I traced over a pre-existing image. Though it’s not totally original, I was rather pleased by how it turned out since it really was my first real attempt to draw any thing with a tablet.

Below is the original image I used to trace. You can tell which one is mine, cause the original one is better :P

The colorful world of black and white

Just want to show off 2 more illustrations I’ve done for school. One on old school paper and ink, and the other in Illustrator. For those who may scour this blog for other art/geek related topics that’s not just my own stuff I apologize for the self centered few postings. I’ll have some other interesting shiznits posted other than my own stuff soon. For now, enjoy these 2 illustrations!

A collection of a semi-educated mind, or how I sucked it up, and didn’t sleep.

Back at’er, as the locals of my home would say. This is quarter two of my graphic design course, and already, the banner I made for this blog before school is making me hate myself. Ah yes, the awakening of a mind, learning new ways to pick things apart needlessly.

So to the point, here’s a bunch of stuff I did during school so far.

This is illustrator assignment 2. We had to create a logo and incorporate it into a scene of our choosing. This took a lot longer than originally anticipated.

This was for design class. We had to make a cardboard spaceship. I chose to do the Sith Destroyer from Star Wars. pew pew pew.

Also for design class. We had to make a short photo animistic, and we did it on a group member named Mikey’s painting process. I drew this as a logo for the intro.

This was just drawn for fun. Can you guess what bone in your body this is? Hint* It’s not the femur.

Another one just for fun.

This was my first Illustrator project. We had to draw some thing with simple geometric shapes, and we were only allowed to manipulate points. Na Na Na Na Na Na Na….ect.

This was a Concept Development project. We had to make a poster describing our selves in some way. This project took too long, and too much energy. I did not enjoy this one :(

Digital Imaging 2. We had to create a CD cover for a band of our chsosing. I really like the Gorillaz and thought it would be interesting to work with their art style. I was unconfident with photoshop at the time of this project, and had missed a class. I asked my friend Steve, a great artist and graphic designer, to help me catch up. While he was there we did this project together as a kind of quick tutorial.

This is Digital Imaging 2′ assignment 2. we had to create an ad from a select era. I was once a huge TF2 player, bus since have waned in the game. I am still a huge fan of the art style of the game. I chose to do my ad from the 40s-50s era, and drew lots of inspiration from TF2’s mock poster advertisements since the game takes place in that era.

Tom ate toes. Dat’s gross.

Hey look, I drew some tomatoes, and here they are :D

Line Drawing



A ghost in the Chell

With more and more projects piling on, it get’s harder to find time to sit down for a few hours and just draw. Of course this is really just an excuse, I’ve played my fair share of hours in Minecraft and Mass Effect 3’s multi-player to have four portfolios completed over the last few months. A friend wants me to do his story boards for his film, starting school again in August, and seeing friends of new and old surpass me in ability and passion was more than enough to motivate me to get back into it.


The unbelievable MTG alters of Eric Klug

A little while ago I featured an article describing the altered art world of Magic the Gathering. Today I’m here to feature the alters of one specific artist.

Eric Klug is a freelance illustrator based in Maryland, US. His alters are some of the best and most imaginative I’ve ever seen. Some thing that garbed my attention right away while I was browsing his (many, MANY) alters was both the versatility in style, and the subtle witty undertone of his work. It’s one thing to be amazed by a beautifully re-rendering of a card, but it’s another to chuckle, while being amazed at the same time.

As usual, I don’t like being too wordy, I rather let the images do the talking. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s a million trillion worth of words.

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Be sure to visit Eric online for even more incredible work!
Check out more of Eric Klug’s incredible alters
Can’t get enough of his stuff? Check out his portfolio blog

Gallery view after the break


The mind twisting works of Tim Noble and Sue Webster

Tim Noble and Sue Webster really understands how our brain perceives, and with that understanding in combination with their artistic outlet they’ve created some of the most mind twisting works of art.

“Tim Noble and Sue Webster take ordinary things including rubbish, to make assemblages and then point light to create projected shadows which show a great likeness to something identifiable including self-portraits. The art of projection is emblematic of transformative art. The process of transformation, from discarded waste, scrap metal or even taxidermy creatures to a recognizable image, echoes the idea of ‘perceptual psychology’ a form of evaluation used for psychological patients. Noble and Webster are familiar with this process and how people evaluate abstract forms. Throughout their careers they have played with the idea of how humans perceive abstract images and define them with meaning. The result is surprising and powerful as it redefines how abstract forms can transform into figurative ones.”

More images after the break. Warning! Not all images are safe for work.


A ton of video game inspired art in just one blog entry and also the longest title WordPress will allow and please don’t mind the run on sentence because I know you are probably out of breath by now but it seems like I can continue for some reason and I really don’t understand why don’t WordPress just cap the title limit to 20 or some thing after all how long does a title really need to be?

Your brain can only take so much of my grammar in a day. I’ll spear u da truble n jus gett 2 duh gewdz.

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To show that I’m not a complete thief here’s all the credits I could find on these amazing images:
The Old School Video Game Art ShowScad Atlanta IllustrationDavid KingabyMikaël AguirrePatrick BrownDouble LeafAledGavadeThemrock

Thumb nail gallery after the break.

The Scrapbook

More old shit, stuff that I overlooked or just didn’t post last time. Okay, I’ll be honest, I’ve been procrastinating again and this is an excuse to not post any thing new :P Knuckles down folks, knuckles down.

Hover over a thumbnail to get a description.

The women of Cellar-fcp

Cellar-fcp is an artist from Hong Kong that I’ve been following for years now. I’ll let his art do the talking.

Please be aware, not all images after the break is PG. Some of his work consist of nudity and sexuality, and probably not work friendly.


Oh my


Old tricks from an old dog

I was going through some of my old images and found my old “art”, I figured I’d share it since I’ve yet to do it on here. Most of these images were done while I was attending the Art Institute in British Columbia. Some of it is incomplete and now forever lost. While I was moving back home there were missing items… mainly, all my work.

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The Art of Magic

Don’t be a nerd, play some magic.

I’m surprised

My printer scanner is working perfectly, too bad the cords for the damn this is missing. Here’s a progress shot of a little diddy I did. Sorry for the quality, I’m still too lazy to install photoshop (the real reason why I’m drawing “old school”) and all I got left to share this with you folks is a phone cam. Oh well, if life gives you lemons, murder a nun.

HB pencil, plain white printer paper, and some faces.

It’s been a very VERY long time since I’ve exercised my creative mind. We all get in to our slumps now and then, but I was able to find the slumpiest of slumps. Some times shit happens and inspiration strikes out of no where. I decided to pick up a pencil, find some paper, and put myself back to work.

To help stir up some old coagulated juices in me I decide to start drawing again. Since it’s been so long I wanted to go right back to the very primordial ooze of art, all the way back to when kids really learn to draw… in math class, with any scraps of paper and an HB pencil. Nothing fancy, no tricks.

This is great, I hadn’t had the drive to draw in what seems to be years (and it very well might be), but the question is… what the hell do I draw? I’ve always enjoyed drawing people, but now the question is who do I draw? I thought about drawing celebrities, but I’ve seen a lot of my more artistically talented friends post some already amazing renditions of the famous. Then I thought about back when I was in the Art Institute, one of my favorite things to do was when my friends and I would just draw each other for fun, or for practice. Although it might seem a bit awkward, I figured screw it, I’m going to just go ahead and draw some of my friends with out them knowing. Besides, being slightly awkward and strange is a part of who I am pokadot kazoo. (If I’m drawing you, I’m probably familiar enough with you to do so. So don’t get too creeped out).

These drawings are more characatures than portraits, so they’re a little stylized and their not intended to be replicas of the original photo. I just find it more fun to draw.

So here is a couple of scribbles I did. A bit slow going, probably a billion technical problems, might not even look like the intended person! But what odds, it’s practice and I need it.

There you have it. Some lines on paper. The ultimate goal is to have at least ten done of an assortment of random friends, that way I can update my portfolio at the very least. So expect more updates of a similar variety.

If you recognize your self here and don’t want it posted publicly or for any other reason at all, please feel free to contact me and I’ll take it down immediately, no hard feelings, I won’t even question it. Since these are drawings of my friends, you’ll know where to find me :)

Google Image’s best video game related art

Video games are great, art is great, and Google image search is great. What happens when you put them together? A lazy blog post with minimum effort! Here’s the best video game related art found on the first page of Google images when searched “video game art”.

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(Thumb nail view after the break)


Magic the Gathering: Altered art

Magic the Gathering is possibly the most popular and most played CCG (collectible card game) available. There are a many things that MTG (Magic the Gathering) is known for; It’s strategic game play, It’s staggering amount of terminology, the nerdy followers, and of course the magnificent art work that got many players (including myself) into the game.

MTG’s art has featured some of the industry’s best artists, and not just the CCG industry but every spectrum of the art industry. MTG feature great art from those who have worked on concepts for movies and games, fine artists, comic artists, pretty much any professional artist out there.

The problem with Magic cards is the boarder hide or limit the artist’s work. This problem, coupled with a collector’s desire for customized cards has started an underground culture called “Altered art” and it’s almost 100% internet fueled.

“Altered art” is when an artist change an existing Magic card so the art is the main focus, and often time, to rid the detracting and boring boarder (though a few altered art cards work with in the boarders for a desired effect). Many altered artists achieve this by extending the current art beyond the boarders, removing the text box so only the art is featured, or some times altered art artists will create an entirely original image for the card s/he’s altering. Many altered artist who make a living doing this sell almost exclusively on Ebay, and you won’t find these cards in any local store. You can also find many privet players who alter cards for their own personal use, showing them off on large MTG forums.


The best thing about all this, and one of the main reasons why this culture could even exist, is because DCI tournament rules state that these cards are 100% legal.

Latest DCI Policy on Tournament Legality:
Section 3.3 Authorized Cards: Artistic modifications are acceptable, provided that the modifications do not make the card unrecognizable or contain substantial strategic advice. The Head Judge is the final authority on acceptable cards for a tournament.

If you are interested in these altered one of a kinds, be ready to pay a premium. Depending on the quality of the art, who the artist is, and the rarity of the card, these altered arts can run over one hundred and fifty dollars or more! a Well painted card from a known altered artist can turn a common ten cent card into a twenty or fifty dollar investment. Many are willing to purchase these cards at over twenty times it’s original value because the collectors understand that these are more than just Magic cards, these are one of a kind works of art with time and talent invested.

Continue after the break to see highlights from my own personal collection of altered art Magic cards