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Dragon Ball Z Abridged

This is my new muse, I am completely addicted. Created in 2008, Dragon Ball Z Abridged has been a  popular YouTube series that is a direct parody of the Dragon Ball Z anime. Created by Lanipator , It was made for the web site “Teamfourstar.com“. They parody the entire series taking out the filler and use their own voices and script to translate. Though the script is changed drastically for comedic effect, the story arch and events line up exactly as the original series. The best way I can describe it is, if 4chan or Reddit were to rewrite Dragon ball, Abridge would be it’s out come. Ridiculous in it’s content, but some how true to the source material.

Dragon Ball Abridged on YouTube
Team Four Star on YouTube

Team Four Star official site
Lanipator blog

Alex Mugford

Alex Mugford has been a close friend of mine since our age were still in the single digits. Though we had our bouts, he remain one of my best friend for over a decade (approaching 2 decades now). One thing that has always been a strong bond between  us has been media. Even when I first met the bugger, we started to hang out because he had donkey kong on the Super Nintendo, which I loved, but I had a Sega. As we grew older we both discovered that we’re creative people who love media and popular culture. I took to the pencil and released my creativity on paper, Alex took to a camera and dove into his passion for film. You’ve probably seen what my self discovering has produced, as I’ve posted it on this web site a few times, but today I wish to highlight some of the great work Alex has produced during this time.

This was a short Alex did with a bunch of my friends involved. Matt Hender leading the sound track, and Jerm Stewart taking on a major role as the store clerk and narrator, along with a plethora of other close friends being involved. It got featured in a few festivals and gained some local attention as it made it’s way on province wide radio. It was around remembrance day that this was released which gave the local media plenty of excuses to feature this very clever short about poppies.

Sailor’s Ode, a music video for Amy G Dala
The video above is just the trailer, you can watch the full video on Vimo here: http://vimeo.com/4006172. Sailor’s Ode was shot for a close friend’s band when they released their first single and album. Amy G Dala is a local band comprised entirely of friends of mine, Brian Conway, Colin Burke, Sam Murphy, and Travis Hopkins, and considers themselves as a progressive rock band. You can check out more of their music here: http://www.myspace.com/amygdalaonline. They’re currently on hiatus, but they regularly get together during holidays doing reunion shows. This video is one of my favorites Alex has done, I love the high concept of a gangster story with music to match. The actors who aren’t really actors did a wonderful job playing their parts, it’s a good thing most of them watch Sopranos.

And there we have it! A young ambitious artist at work. Keep an eye out for his future projects, Alex is currently working on a music video for The Long Distance Runners, an ECMA nominee, Music NL winning band featuring one of my very close friend, Matt Hender. He also has another fairly large project called “Hollywood Rain” in post production at the moment. If you’d like to learn more about this fine gentleman, check out his website at  www.alexmugford.com.

Superman killed death

I love comics as much as the next geek, but some times the shallow, uninspired, tripe that comes out of the genre is just too much to bare. Cash cows like Superman’s death back in the nineties make it hard to defend comics as a legitimate form of literature that it deserves to be. To describe how terrible Superman’s death was presented, one would have to possess super powers them selves.

I don’t possess these kinds of power but writer / director Max Landis does. Him and some recognizable names (Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, to name a few) has put together a hilarious yet truthful sixteen minute short, detailing the many failures of how Superman’s death was handled.

“Chuck Rozanski, owner of retailer Mile High Comics, would pen a controversial essay in the Comics Buyer’s Guide which blamed the Death of Superman promotion for playing a significant role in the collapse of the comic book industry in the late 1990s”

Hater’s gonna hate :P

Dead Fantasy

Dead Fantasy is an internet cult series produced and animated by Monty Oum, staring (mostly) Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive female characters. What do they do? they fight, then they fight some more. A simple premise, but one that makes it easy to understand why it became so popular on the internet. Some of you may have seen these videos before, but for those who hasn’t it’s all eye candy!

Dead Fantasy is far from a news flash. This series is on it’s forth year and already has five installments. Monty has already confirmed episodes VI, VII, and VIII, so we have even more to look forward to! But until they’re released, feel free to check out episode 2 – 5 after the break.



“dorkly” is where video game humor go on the internet. They talk about funny things in gaming, and they make funny video game related videos.

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