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Tom Rider


The new Tomb Raider game is pretty fantastic so far. According to my save file I’m about 25% in. I’ll quickly make the obligatory comparison to the Uncharted series right now. Yes, it does feel a bit like uncharted, but that’s not a bad thing. Uncharted is a great series that has pioneered many adventure standards. Tomb Raider simply barrows the best parts of it, adds it’s own spice, while keeping in mind that Uncharted was inspired from Tomb Raider. It’s funny how things go full circle.

The game controls excellent, even more responsive than the Uncharted series, some thing Crystal Dynamics seem to nail in all their games. The puzzles are good, doesn’t stump you, but keeps you thinking, and the combat very enjoyable and feels well refined. One of my favorite parts of the game, as superficial as it might be, is the graphics. It’s one of the best looking games I own on my PC, and probably one of the best looking games I’ve seen in quite a while. I won’t comment on the story yet, as I haven’t finished the game, but I can say the common complains that the action aspect of the game play mismatches with Lara’s innocents lost story is exaggerated, and most of the complaint’s references are taken out of context. If you play the game, it does it’s best to explain why Lara is all of a sudden master assassin, even if it’s just through a quick statement or two.

Overall the game is very enjoyable, very polished, and just beautiful to view. Below are some screenshots of my game. There might be some minor spoilers, but they are kept to a minimum. No major story (or even minor) are revealed through these shots.

All screenshots were taken on the Asus G75, no mods, no photoshop, 100% in game graphics, real time renders. The game’s graphical settings are set to maximum with the exception of the anti-aliasing set to “FXAA”, and hair set to “normal” (I don’t like the tressFX hair).

If you are interested in this game please support the developers and make a purchase!

Dragon Ball Z Abridged

This is my new muse, I am completely addicted. Created in 2008, Dragon Ball Z Abridged has been a  popular YouTube series that is a direct parody of the Dragon Ball Z anime. Created by Lanipator , It was made for the web site “Teamfourstar.com“. They parody the entire series taking out the filler and use their own voices and script to translate. Though the script is changed drastically for comedic effect, the story arch and events line up exactly as the original series. The best way I can describe it is, if 4chan or Reddit were to rewrite Dragon ball, Abridge would be it’s out come. Ridiculous in it’s content, but some how true to the source material.

Dragon Ball Abridged on YouTube
Team Four Star on YouTube

Team Four Star official site
Lanipator blog

A ghost in the Chell

With more and more projects piling on, it get’s harder to find time to sit down for a few hours and just draw. Of course this is really just an excuse, I’ve played my fair share of hours in Minecraft and Mass Effect 3’s multi-player to have four portfolios completed over the last few months. A friend wants me to do his story boards for his film, starting school again in August, and seeing friends of new and old surpass me in ability and passion was more than enough to motivate me to get back into it.


The unbelievable MTG alters of Eric Klug

A little while ago I featured an article describing the altered art world of Magic the Gathering. Today I’m here to feature the alters of one specific artist.

Eric Klug is a freelance illustrator based in Maryland, US. His alters are some of the best and most imaginative I’ve ever seen. Some thing that garbed my attention right away while I was browsing his (many, MANY) alters was both the versatility in style, and the subtle witty undertone of his work. It’s one thing to be amazed by a beautifully re-rendering of a card, but it’s another to chuckle, while being amazed at the same time.

As usual, I don’t like being too wordy, I rather let the images do the talking. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s a million trillion worth of words.

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Be sure to visit Eric online for even more incredible work!
Check out more of Eric Klug’s incredible alters
Can’t get enough of his stuff? Check out his portfolio blog

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Superman killed death

I love comics as much as the next geek, but some times the shallow, uninspired, tripe that comes out of the genre is just too much to bare. Cash cows like Superman’s death back in the nineties make it hard to defend comics as a legitimate form of literature that it deserves to be. To describe how terrible Superman’s death was presented, one would have to possess super powers them selves.

I don’t possess these kinds of power but writer / director Max Landis does. Him and some recognizable names (Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, to name a few) has put together a hilarious yet truthful sixteen minute short, detailing the many failures of how Superman’s death was handled.

“Chuck Rozanski, owner of retailer Mile High Comics, would pen a controversial essay in the Comics Buyer’s Guide which blamed the Death of Superman promotion for playing a significant role in the collapse of the comic book industry in the late 1990s”

Hater’s gonna hate :P

A ton of video game inspired art in just one blog entry and also the longest title WordPress will allow and please don’t mind the run on sentence because I know you are probably out of breath by now but it seems like I can continue for some reason and I really don’t understand why don’t WordPress just cap the title limit to 20 or some thing after all how long does a title really need to be?

Your brain can only take so much of my grammar in a day. I’ll spear u da truble n jus gett 2 duh gewdz.

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To show that I’m not a complete thief here’s all the credits I could find on these amazing images:
The Old School Video Game Art ShowScad Atlanta IllustrationDavid KingabyMikaël AguirrePatrick BrownDouble LeafAledGavadeThemrock

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