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This is your yearly update. This title is telling the truth, while hiding it under a sarcastic tone.

tumblr_mzpj8rdtUh1slsbpuo1_400It certainly has been quite a while since our last update, but here I am, letting you know I’m not dead, an neither is this blog! I do have some ideas and plans for here, so for those who have stuck with me, THANK YOU! and hopefully the future content I have planned will help you procrastinate all the more efficiently!

Just to start things off I suppose I should catch some of you folks up a little. I’ve been doing the whole gaming Youtube thing and have been enjoying it quite a bit! The channel is a consumer centered game’s channel. I try to focus it on introducing interesting games to the audience while informing them if it’s worth their time and money. I also dabble in a little of let’s play to help present some of my personality and to help mix the channel up a little, and from time to time I also do guides for what ever game I’ve been playing at the time. Basically it’s a bit of a mish-mash lol. f you’re into this sort of stuff check it out! Subscribe to it if you really like it! https://www.youtube.com/user/aldershot8008

I’m also now on Twitter! I would of called myself crazy 5 years ago saying that, but hey! Gotta move with the times right? Check out the ol’ Twitter here: https://twitter.com/aldershot8008

Oh, I should probably show an example or 2 of the videos I produce as well. lol, might be useful.

So my journey into Youtube has been eventful so far! I’ve been invited into Xaviant’s studio in Atlanta, all expenses paid after doing some videos for their game Lichdom. I’ve also made lots of incredible new friends, networked with other youtubers, collabed with them, and learned a pile about social media.

Don’t worry folks, I won’t be spamming this blog with new videos every day. I’m going to keep this blog more of a personal thing, with maybe a slight skew towards artsy fartsy stuff.

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