↓↘→ PPP

Procrastinating is my best skill. I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.

It’s been a while! I had a conversation with a close friend of mine about what this blog is. I told him it isn’t really about any thing specific, it’s really just a place for me to dump a bunch of my thoughts and projects and post some cool stuff I find along the way. He pointed out the last few post has just been stuff I found on the internet, and I should post a couple of original projects of mine to keep myself motivated and keep the blog original. I couldn’t agree more. I started this thing as a way to keep my creative juices flowing, as I have a nasty habit of getting side tracked. I told myself the next post will be some thing original!

Unfortunately original content means time and effort, and there was Skyrim and Mass Effect 3 to be played. As you can tell by the lack of updates… I got side tracked again.

It’s okay though! I’m almost finished Mass Effect 3 so things should get back on track! (A guy’s gotta get his priorities straight right?). Back to sketching once again. It might not be good, but it’s practice!

For the time being, here’s a photo I took of my friends sitting on a couch, on a beach. Because that’s just what we do here.

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