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Superman killed death

I love comics as much as the next geek, but some times the shallow, uninspired, tripe that comes out of the genre is just too much to bare. Cash cows like Superman’s death back in the nineties make it hard to defend comics as a legitimate form of literature that it deserves to be. To describe how terrible Superman’s death was presented, one would have to possess super powers them selves.

I don’t possess these kinds of power but writer / director Max Landis does. Him and some recognizable names (Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore, to name a few) has put together a hilarious yet truthful sixteen minute short, detailing the many failures of how Superman’s death was handled.

“Chuck Rozanski, owner of retailer Mile High Comics, would pen a controversial essay in the Comics Buyer’s Guide which blamed the Death of Superman promotion for playing a significant role in the collapse of the comic book industry in the late 1990s”

Hater’s gonna hate :P

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